TTAG is about inspiring people to have more adventures. And Greece is the perfect place for it. It’s got everything you could want, in a tidy concise package. Mountains, forests, beaches, oceans, wildlife, trails, sunshine, snow, rain and wind. The choices are endless…


For anyone who doesn’t already know, the oil spill has now reached beaches more than 100km away, turning Athens’ beautiful southern beaches into tar covered danger zones🛢️😢🇬🇷 This is our video that explores the places and people affected 📹 Please share!

An old old tanker carrying 2500 tones of crude oil named the Agia Zoni II sank off the coast of Salamina close to Athens on September 10th, 2017. Not much was heard about it on the news until a few days later when the oil started showing up on local beaches. Panic and sadness settled in as local governments unsuccessfully contained the spill and did not act immediately to protect the coast line. The political blame game has begun and the Athenians begin to wonder what this will mean. What will have to change? Will anything change? We grabbed our cameras and headed out to see what people had to say and see if we could help. This incident has only excited our ideas of alternatives that could keep Greece clean and green. Help us share this video and follow us at The Thing About Greece for further updates as we seek solutions…

Special Thanks to the Velvoids for their music – The Ballad of Fay Wray

TTAG Wind & Water By Vice

This documentary series follows four of the best kitesurfers in Greece as they explore and discover some amazing new locations, and help each other get better along the way. Ben Bowd, Lykourgos Neofotistos, Dimitris Softas and Tom Charlton give us an insight into the world of kitesurfing and the incredible potential it has to thrive in this country.

TTAG... A Snowboard Documentary

The mountains are where it all began. This feature documentary follows Themistocles Lambridis and Spiros Badios as they explore the country’s undiscovered mountains on snowboards, along with some of the most influential riders in Greece. From Athens to Crete, to the Bulgarian Border and up to Mt Olympus, there’s a whole lot of terrain left to explore…


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