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DRAGON HOCKEY, Epirus, Greece…

As a hockey player in Greece I’ve dreamt of playing on a pond my whole life. When the opportunity came up and we heard that the Dragon Lake (Δρακολίμνη) of Smolikas was frozen solid… It was time to chase a dream. 4 players (Iason Pachos, Themistocles Lambridis, Alex Rallis and Marcus Filipsson) travelled from our home ice rink in Athens, in search of a frozen pond. We didn’t expect to be hiking up the second highest peak in Greece, Mt Smolikas. With artists Daphne Iliaki and Eleni Hadjisavva on the crew we designed a playing field on the surface of the ice unlike any other… a tribute to the legend of the Dragons of Pindos, and the beauty of hockey.


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