We believe nature is our strongest asset. It is our lifeline and our playground. Through exploration and discovery we open new doors to new adventures. And every adventure is unique.

TTAG is about inspiring people to have more adventures. And Greece is the perfect place. It’s got everything you could want, in a tidy concise package. Mountains, forests, beaches, oceans, wildlife, trails, sunshine, snow, rain and wind. The choices are endless.

While the world becomes more and more concerned with material things, its easy to forget our connection to nature. This is our home, and our back yard is full of amazing landscapes. Wether you’re a romantic or just a hedonist, the importance of preserving this landscape is clear. Every person has a choice, how much of an impact will you make? Let’s make our presence in nature count. Make every adventure about connecting with the landscape, and preserving it, so that the next person can enjoy it too.

TTAG was founded by Themistocles Lambridis, but would not have been possible without the help of some very fine humans including: Spiros Badios, Gerasimos Avramidis, Dimitris Lambridis, Andonis Iliakis, Alex Papapashalis, Orestis Zoumbos, and anyone who ever spent a minute with us.

Our aim is to support the adventure sports community by making films that inspire people to do more. We believe Greece has got it all. Every element is accounted for and there for the taking. We wanna get more people riding, jumping, climbing and shredding all over the country.


  • “The Thing About Greece… A Snowboard Documentary” – Jagged Melon Productions, 2015
  • “The Thing About Greece… The Shred Diaries” – Jagged Melon Productions, 2016
  • “The Thing About Greece… Wind & Water by VICE” – VICE/Netwix, 2017