Snowboard Greece – Bill and Them’s Ossom Adventures Vol. 2 – Parnasso Late Season

By October 23, 2017 No Comments

When the lifts finally shut and the mountain traffic came to a not-so-glamorous halt, we dropped in to munch on the leftovers. The psychotropic mountain setting was exactly what I needed to escape my modern day troubles. I couldn’t leave my phone behind of course, but I did put it on airplane mode for a bit.

Half way up the hill we realised we weren’t alone. Christos and some friends had been shaping the kicker. park break…

It was that kind of temperature where you could be in shorts, but then the wind changes and maybe its not a good idea any more. Confusing.

Then off to the top.  We decided to make it up before sunset this time, so we hustled up, well actually it was more like me chasing Bill, and reached the nearest peak – Gerontovrahos before sunset for a change.

After a couple warm beers and a long talk about minimalism and moustaches we headed back. We discussed important issues on the ride home. But the silence was good too. It’s part of the whole thing. Reflecting on a big day. I had falafel with extra hot sauce that night. Bill had the steak.

shot by themi

shot by bill