Snowboard Greece – Crete… Epic!

By March 13, 2015Snow

Spiro and Billy, Crete

There’s always that one place you’ve wanted to go check out in winter but never had the time… Well stop thinking about it and get on the next boat, Crete is insane! We metĀ up with the boys and girls running the second Pierra Creta Ski Mountaineering event on Crete’s highest mountain, Psiloritis, and were blown away by this insane mountain in the middle of the Peloponnese. With faces that resemble the alps and what seems like endless runs this hill is a MUST if you ever make your way down.

After the race we headed East to check out another mountain range up in the Lasithi plateau, called Dikti. We were met by friendly locals who were only too eager to accommodate us by feeding us what seemed like a ton of traditionally cooked meat and lots and lots of Raki (local spirit). We had two riding days, which were mostly made up of hiking up and down the mountain as there is no lift access anywhere and the hiking paths are mostly covered during winter. Both days were epic, although our second day was the only day we could actually see what what we were doing, as the fog comes in pretty heavy from time to time.