Snowboard Greece – Lumberjack Jim and the Frozen Forest of Parnitha

By February 3, 2016Snow

So its 2016 and the season seems to have a little case of stage fright, poking its head round the curtain only for a moment at a time before receding to the backstage while the sun comes in to melt all the fluffy stuff away…

Not to worry though. Less than a half hour away from the bustling city center of Athens is this place that seems to fill the gaps in our dreams of napkin-size-snowflakes… Parnitha. It started snowing on a Friday and intermittently dropped about a meter of snow over the course of the week. Not much, seeing as the sun would drop by to melt most of it away every other day or so. Still, it was enough to get the crew up there digging a jib line through the trees.

Over 3 days we shredded anything ridable between the thick trees and radio towers. Camping in the car made it even easier to make the most of the days. Yeah I know it’s only half an hour from home, but we were in need of a serious dose of winter and this was surprisingly our best shot. Beans, cookies and coffee got us through days just fine, while different groups of riders headed up for each of the three days we were there.

Sometimes you don’t need to look that far to find what you’re looking for I guess. Maybe February will be a little more wintery… fingers crossed!