Skate Greece – we are all made of stars… dkms at #latraac

By October 6, 2017 No Comments

1. Fruit salad or beefy steak?

I guess both… I can’t decide!!

2. What bowls have you ridden in Greece and what’s your favourite one?

I’ve ridden most of them but my two favourite ones are latraac and the blue enigma bowl which is super hard to ride!

3. Do’s and Don’ts for bowl riding

l’m gonna talk about the (Don’ts) only. If you are not feeling hundred percent your body do not drop in the ramp, just let it go. There is always next time. That’s my first rule to everything.

4. 4 down?

Yeah! I started riding 4 down last year and it’s way better than the usual grind wheel setup. You can turn really fast and it’s perfect for bowl and stuff l think.

5. What does dkms stand for?

There is not any deep meaning behind it, it’s just my last name. (Diakoumeas) hehe!


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