Snowboard Greece – Omihli Crew and the Princes of Vitsi

By March 2, 2015Snow

So we decided to travel North to this tiny little resort with 1 and a half lifts above a town called Kastoria to visit this crew we’d only heard about in fables and dreams… Omihli Crew.

Kastoria, Greece, the princes of the North put on one hell of a party… Omixlh Crew Slopestyle comp was one of our favorites this year. Who’s ready for round 2? ‪#‎thethingaboutgreece‬

Turns out these dudes basically have the raddest setup in the whole country! They have their own refuge, right on the resort, with a bar downstairs for whenever they get thirsty, and their very own snowpark about a minute away from their front door! So we got our boards out and went for a shred with the boys, and Damn! we had a blast…

A couple weeks later we returned to this diamond in the rough to attend and ride their first ever slopestyle contest, which was nothing short of a snowboarder’s wet dream: Kickers, rails, punk rock, night sessions and a whole lotta rowdy boys!


Omihli Crew For LiFE!