Searching for Snow in Vasilitsa

By February 29, 2016Snow

Last week we decided to take a little trip up to our favourite shredspot – Vasilitsa. Winter hasn’t been very kind to the mountains here, and has really been more like an absent parent that just drops in to say hi in between business trips. It’s now the end of February and it hasn’t snowed since late January, and with high temperatures the hill is more reminiscent of May or June. Nonetheless we hiked up to the top to see what we could find. Shallow¬†patches of snow here and there, and mostly just grass, all the way to the top. A far cry from the conditions here this time last year (Check out the post from last year). So after a good walk we strapped in and rode the tiny little patches we could find back down the hill.


The next day Spiro rolled up and we decided to try and build a little park. But there was really nowhere we could set up a jump and actually stick the landings. That’s when we noticed the old half pipe the mountain crew had shaped almost 16 years ago, and only used a handful of times. There was some wind-swept snow on the right side that looked sort of soft, so got the shovels out and started digging.


digging a line

testing the line

After finishing the line we stopped for a quick lunch break, and started shredding. Finally!

hiking the pipe

Badios Front 3 muteBadios front 3 mute
themi about to drop in

themis front 3 indy

themis late front 3

themis reverse alleyoop scorpion

themis in pain

Billy back 180

Ozzie fron 3 stale

Badios fully loaded

ozzie stepping downBilly airing the second jump

themis hikingbilly stalling the logThemis frontside stall
Badios handplantozzie frontside stallbilly 180 in 180 outthemis handplantozzie 180 in 180 outbilly tailpressthemis weirdoplantthemis weighing up his boardozzie using the forceabandoned liftsempty slopesthe pipe

After sessioning our little half-half-pipe and stump-stall we packed our stuff and started the long walk back to the parking lot. It would take us almost 10 whole minutes to reach the cars. Exhausted and cramping up, we set sail for the nearest souvlaki shop to drown our confusion in tzatziki and meat.

billy the priestbadass badios
timfi in the distancebilly walking outshovelmaster Badios walking out
ozzie walking outsun sets on a good day