Surf Greece – Mohxa Point Sessions

By January 30, 2017 No Comments

My bestee Jason (Zazeo) grew up in Palaio Faliro, one of Athens’ coastal neighbourhoods, often likened to California in that it sits on the water and had it not been for the tame mediterranean swells it would have been the equivalent of Venice beach or Santa Monica… I guess.

Anyway, after travelling around the world and back Jason realised that there’s a naturally occurring reef right off the beach that kicks up a small but tidy wave almost every day, coinciding with tide changing. So amidst the winter swimmers and vagrants that count beans down by the water Jason started a little experiment to see if the wave was ridable and moreover, fun.

Fast forward a few years and on a good day the Mohxa Point is nowhere near established or particularly fruit-bearing. You still get those one-in-a-thousand days though where Poseidon blows in just the right direction and the wave is ridable. sort of…

in the water: Jason Pachos, Andreas Tsamtsouris and George Peristeras.