Kitesurf Greece – Wind & Water

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So in May of 2016 we set off on a journey to find out more about kitesurfing in Greece. After some buddies tipped us off to some of the most influential riders in the country we set off towards Lefkada to meet Ben.

Ben in his workshop

He had picked up a couple wins (actually more like all of them) since the beginning of the kite surfing championships here back in 2008. Seemed like a good place to start. At first he seemed like this shy, introvert kid who loved playing with big machines. A few hours in we realised he had a lot to say so we got talking… Turns out Ben is this dyslexic mechanical genius, who left school at the age of 14 to work with his old man renovating houses, and eventually repairing boats down in the local boat yard. He’s the kind of guys who can build a shopping mall out of a paper clip. And the kitesurfing… wow. It was like I was watching someone dancing on the water. The way he moved his body and his relationship with his board and his kite resonated in me the connection between a dancer and the stage, or even a partner.

The whole dancing thing really stuck with me throughout filming with Ben. It was only a few months later though that Ben would reveal he had in fact done classical ballet for almost ten years. Once kitesurfing was in the picture though he dropped the tutu for the board and focused his energy there instead. No wonder he moves like a dancer.

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Lykourgos at home

Speaking of dancers, the next rider to join the project was Lykourgos Neofotistos – this firecracker little kid from Chalkida, who could probably export some of his energy to China and still have enough to climb the great wall a few times over. The first time we met him was actually at the dock where we were about to board a sailboat set to explore some hidden spots around the Cyclades. The guys from We Ride Local had been an active part of this project since the get go, and when they suggested Lykourgo (Wolfy) as a second rider we were excited to see what he had to bring to the table.

Turns out Ben and Wolfy were like bread and butter. They instantly clicked and lucky for us because the rest of the boat trip was rocky as hell! But that’s another story.

Tom Charlton

After getting to know Ben a little better, we found out Tom was going to be back in his home of Lefkada for the summer. So we went back to Ben’s hometown to meet his best riding buddy and equal in the competitive rankings. For how quiet and shy he can be, Tom is definitely a powerhouse on his kite. He throws low tricks and stomps huge rotations, and almost makes Ben look bad. Together these two are amazing to watch… One session in Agios Nikolaos they decided to throw some doubles, and landed a pretty epic double KGB. It was clear these two go hand in hand…

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Dimitris Softas – Costa Navarino

Aaaaaaah… The Handsome Stallion – The Ace of Spades and the Tooth Fairy all rolled into one.

Dimitri is old school, although he isn’t much older than the rest of the boys. He’s just got that hardened style… dignified and classic. The first time I ever saw him ride was in Drepano – throwing super stylish grabs like they were going out of fashion. Simply perfection. No wonder Lykourgo looks up to him… His local kite spot is Raches, where Lykourgo rides too, and no need to say – these guys are serious bros.

Youri Zoon

Youri Zoon, 2 times world champion and super influential rider on the Kite scene worldwide. He’s been coming to Greece to kite for a couple of years now, he says he likes the food and the wind, in that order. We were lucky enough to catch up with him in Santorini and go for one of the most epic sessions on the whole production. 1st time riding the CALDERA Volcanic Crater… Of course it was off to Drepano before the wind died down completely, as he couldn’t leave without saying a quick hi to his buddies there. 

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