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The Thing About Greece... A Snowboard Documentary

[text-with-icon icon_type=”image_icon” icon_image=”26″]In 2015 Themistocles Lambridis set off on an adventure to shed light on a side of Greece that few are aware of. With camera in hand and snowboard under foot, he shredded a vast playground of snow, explored fresh tracks and revealed a backcountry unlike any other. From the island of Crete to Mount Olympus, The Thing About Greece is an epic documentary that will forever alter your perception of this coastal country.

Watch the FULL Documentary NOW by clicking HERE[/text-with-icon]


DIRECTOR Themistocles Lambridis

PRODUCERS Themistocles Lambridis Spiros Badios

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Cathleen Lambridis Christian Ristow Nick Damianakis Spyros Damianakis

EDITORS Themistocles Lambridis Spiros Badios

COLORIST Dimitris Lambridis

GRAPHIC DESIGN Andonis Iliakis

FEATURING Spiros Badios George Chalkias Vasilis Koutoumatsiotis Gerasimos Avramidis Nikolas Plytas Antonis David Spiros Bellonias Dimitris Liossis George Ouzounis Mike Stylas Daniel Petrov Dimitris Dimitriadis Themistocles lambridis

WITH THE KIND SUPPORT OF MicroXtreme, Red Bull Hellas, Kalavrita Ski Centre, Vasilitsa Ski Centre, Parnassos Ski Centre, Vitsi Ski Centre, Kakkalos Refuge, Casa La Mundi, Vilaeti, Manic Side, NEO Films and many more

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