Cape Drepano – Patra

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CAPE DREPANO is simply put – a World Class Spot. It’s topography makes it ideal for a variety of activities including Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and SUP. The spit provides shelter from the Westerlies, giving freestyle riders the perfect conditions to practice those sexy spins. Further out in the bay you can open up those big kites and speed across the gulf of Corinth to Nafpakto, but be careful, the currents will carry you away pretty fast so stay safe!


Fly to Patra, drive or take a bus, and get yourself down to Drepano. Follow the road towards the big cement factory and down to the pebble beach. You can drive along the narrow and leaning beach road to park right by the lighthouse.


Once you’re done slashing around the peninsula, check out the fish tavernas in Psathopyrgos!


Drepano works most of the year, although the prevailing Westerlies are known to die down for days at a time without warning. We’d say you have a 60% chance of good wind year round.


If you feel like having a lesson or just need to rent some gear – the local kite shop and school KITE SURF GREECE will help you get set up for sure. Just talk to Oresti or Leonidas.