Costa Navarino

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COSTA NAVARINO is a pretty special place. Apart from the resort’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly measures like protecting the native Caretta Caretta population’s birthing beaches, it’s also home to one of the raddest stretches of seafront in Western Greece.


Getting there from Athens is easy. Take the national road South towards Corinth, then head down to Tripoli and follow your GPS out to Costa Navarino. It usually takes about 3 1/2 hours if you’re listening to Barry White.


The local village of Romanos has some food gems, but Stamoulis and Anna Mageirio is definitely pretty legit. And make sure you check out Voidokilia – (find out more by clicking here)


It’s windy here most of the year, but the summer thermals really help make riding fun from about June to October.


This beach doesn’t a lot of good swells, but it’s perfectly sat between Lagouvardos and Koroni – two sweet surf spots. Voidokilia also gets some swells sometimes.

If you feel like having a lesson or just need to rent some gear Рthe local surf shop SURF SALAD will help you get set up for sure. Just talk to Andreas or Lefteris.