MAINALO is a great daily or weekend destination. The new road from Athens to Kalamata makes the journey an easy 2 hours from the big city, and mostly on safe open roads. The resort is small, but as with most Greek ski fields, lies in a larger system of peaks and valleys that are great for some easy hiking or skitouring. Mainalo is a low mountain and sometimes suffers short seasons because of it. When it’s cranking though it’s totally worth a trip! It has three anchor lifts only, and no chairs.


From Athens – head South towards Kalamata on the National Road. Follow signs for Tripoli. Take the exit for Tripoli from A/D Korinthou Tripoleos/A7 and follow signs to Mainalo.


If the weather permits, try and stay up on the NorthWestern Ridgeline above the highest lift for sunset. You can see Mt Zireia, Helmos and even Erymanthos to the West and Taygetos to the South.


Once you’ve reached the highest point on the lifts, you can venture up onto the visible ridgeline towards the North West, and then pick a line into the back bowls. There’s tons of fun features to play around on and you’ll never be too far from the resort. Another fun face is the peak on the other side of the ski field, visible from the car park. It’s a relatively easy hike up, and a fun open face on the way down. Watch out for avalanche risk and snow conditions though, as this region is prone to rapid temperature changes.