MT SMOLIKAS is located in Northern Greece in the Epirus region, between Mt Tymfi and Mt Vasilitsa. It’s the second tallest mountain in Greece at 2,637m and comprised of sub alpine and alpine sections. There are several routes to the top, the least technical being on the SouthWestern side, beginning from the village of Pades, or alternatively from the Smolikas Refuge found above Paleoselli. Its pyramid-like peak is characteristic of this mountain, with relatively easy access to the peak for intermediate to experienced climbers.


Drive to Pades from Ioannina (approx 2.5 hours) Thessaloniki (approx 4 hours) or Athens (approx 8 hours).


Make sure to visit the Alpine Lake (Drakilimni) and the wooden refuge buried in the woods at the end of the dirt road that goes up from Paleoselli Village.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in the winter the only place that stays open is Munti Smolikas Guesthouse, who will take good care of you, and is host to a variety of interesting mountain types from around the world. Outside of Winter you can stay at the Smolikas Refuge, also a great place to stay with excellent service, but no internet connection.


You can access the peak and back bowls from either the SouthWest side (Pades) or the NorthEast side (Samarina). The latter is a much longer route with the majority of the hike through woods that often aren’t covered in snow enough to skin. The Pades route is much more direct and takes you past the Alpine lake on the way up.