Every corner of this small Mediterranean country has a historical bond to the big blue. But what happens when you start to twist the relationship between nature and man, leaving tradition behind, and creating a new kind of synergy?

Greece is known for its beaches, its crystal clear waters and golden summers. One young man steers clear of the crowded beach resorts though. Ben Bowd chases wind and waves, searching for the next best spot to launch his kite and rip through the bright blue sea. Ben is one of the best kiteboarders in the country and highly ranked in the world, and not without warrant. He grew up on some of the best kiteboarding coastline in the world… Lefkada.


The film will take follow Ben from his humble home in Lefkada on a journey throughout Greece, in cars, vans, ships, planes, sailboats and most importantly on a kiteboard, to bring kite surfing to the locals… the ones who live at world class spots and have never even heard of kitesurfing, and get them riding.